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2016 January 17

app that visualises ‘taste’!

Flaviar is a free app that promises to visualize the taste of alcoholic spirits.  It does this by producing a visual flavour profile known as a flavour spiral. 

The app has a database of 15,000+ spirits and also dispenses info on production techniques, distilleries, tasting notes and reviews from its 600,000+ users.  The drinks themselves can be purchased directly from the app, in handy taster packs or full sized bottles.



>< opinion

This story is intriguing on several levels – we love the idea of a visual taste map and think that in an evolving retail landscape, where products will increasingly be competing on mobile this becomes an innovative way of informing one sense via another.  The ability to ‘bring the brand alive’ will continue to be challenged as online and mobile platforms continue to gain momentum. When brands appeal to more senses brand impact and consumer engagement can be substantially increased, providing comfort in the everyday.

When brands appeal to more than 3 senses, brand impact and consumer engagement can be increased by more than 70%.

>< ‘Joyning’  Macro Trend Report 2016

It will be interesting to see whether this catches on amongst other consumables.

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