fit popcorn

2016 September 28

tyrell’s founder turns his attention to popcorn

Tyrrell's crisp founder, William Chase has launched a new snack brand, Willy Chase's Fit Popcorn, a healthy option popcorn and the first product in his Willy Chase's Fit Food range.

Fit Popcorn is air popped making it a lower-calorie option for the health-conscious consumer. The Fit Corn is targeted at grown-ups and will be sold through independents and deli style outlets. The production method removes the need for saturated fat and taps into the strong trend for 'clean' foods as consumers want to know what's in the food they eat.

Fit popcorn also taps into the growing artisan trend with consumers keen to understand the provenance of their food and a breakdown of ingredients. Chase's Fit Popcorn is grown and popped on a farm in Herefordshire and the seasonings are sourced honestly and locally. For example, the honey used is from bees on the farm's apple orchard.

"I want to produce real fit food, championing local, fresh and seasonal, avoiding fryers, unnecessary ingredients, mass-produced foods and twee stories." - Will Chase


chase’s packaging (courtesy of willy chase)

>< opinion

Fit Popcorn cleverly offers consumers a lot in a small package! A tasty snack with fewer calories, a clean production process and ingredient list, local provenance and sophisticated flavours and design. Chase understands exactly what consumers want and sets about delivering it. The company's laudable values are beautifully communicated through the packaging design which is simple and modern and charmingly refer to the product's purity and provenance.

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