evian nature multipack

2016 April 25

clever new design reduces packaging and helps consumers

How often have you carted a multipack of heavy bottles home from the supermarket only to struggle to open the protective plastic wrap?  Evian has sought to address this with its Nature MultiPack which bonds 4 PET bottles with specially developed adhesives and eliminates the need for the plastic wrap.

NMP Systems GmbH has developed this concept in conjunction with KHS and Danone Waters, it was launched in France and Belgium in March 2016.

The pack is designed to withstand transportation and merchandising whilst allowing consumers to easily separate bottles from the pack.  It uses dramatically less packaging material than traditional designs and delivers a premium look and feel. The pack won a 2016 German Design Award for outstanding communication design and sustainable packaging.

>< opinion

It’s great to see a packaging solution that not only reduces packaging waste but also addresses consumer frustration! 


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