ethical water

2016 May 12

belu water’s business model is designed to place ethics and sustainability at the centre of its operations

“Our business is as transparent as our water”

Belu’s way of doing business is not just driven by cost, but by the impact they have on the planet. 100% carbon neutral with all profits donated to WaterAid, Belu is a social enterprise which has donated over £1.5 million to transform the lives of 102,127 people in the past five years.

Belu is available in stylish clear and green glass bottles as well as plastic bottles all produced using recycled materials. The graphics are simple and understated with clear reference to their core values.

Belu has wide reaching support from celebrities and big name restaurants across the UK such as Lime Wood, The Pig and House of St Barnabas.

“I am thrilled and excited to be part of Belu’s wonderful efforts to make a global difference. I have always been passionate about the ethics of our industry and look forward to seeing how our small contribution enables poorer communities to flourish.” Raymond Blanc OBE.

Since 2011 Belu sales have risen 116% and they are on a mission to donate £1M per year to WaterAid by 2018 in a bid to help the charity end water poverty by 2030.



belu bottles (courtesy of belu)

>< opinion

Whilst many brands are struggling to understand and communicate their stance on ethical and sustainability issues, Belu has built a business entirely on these values.  A brand and business model that truly challenges others to consider their impact on other people and the planet.

Today’s everyday treats will become tomorrow’s luxuries, such as meat, fish, chocolate and coffee.  Fresh air, clean water and plentiful food will be in shorter supply for many global populations, as environmental challenges rise and consumer demand outstrips supply.  Reference >< New-Era Luxury macro trend.


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