etail trend: unboxing

2017 August 16

a new app has been developed that focuses on the popularity of the ‘unboxing’ experience

A new app has been developed by US app developer Packagd that focuses on the popularity of the ‘unboxing’ experience

Called 'Unboxed' the app currently focuses on the tech sector but has plans to quickly move into beauty and toys.  It brings content and commerce together through a social platform where users are invited to select a viewing category, e.g. ‘hottest drones’ where they will be introduced to selected user content giving them a comprehensive review of new products.

This social and commercial mix looks like a hybrid of TV shopping and vlogging but the main difference is that viewers can view, learn, join in and then go on to purchase all through the app.  


image courtesy of unboxed

The live product demos are a bid to bring back the joy of shopping, something that CEO of Packagd, Eric Feng feels is missing from internet shopping. 

"Ecommerce has gotten so efficient that it’s not fun anymore, we want to bring discovery. We want you to have fun while you’re shopping." – Eric Feng

>< opinion

The combination of social influencer and ecommerce platform is powerful - it brings collaboration and engagement to what has been a boring and utilitarian on-line shopping experience.  This marriage of content with commerce is set to be a significant addition to the digital shopping landscape.


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