etail trend: ethical consumerism

2017 November 22

the continued rise of the ethical consumer is fuelling purposeful etail

With increasing evidence that younger consumers are seeking out brands that share their values and support causes, many etailers are finding niches in mature markets. Take the beauty sector as an example, it’s dominated by big brands and retailers with huge advertising budgets and yet ethical brand BeautyKind has entered this crowded market with a unique proposition.

“BeautyKind is a new kind of online retailer that allows you to buy the brands you love and discover new favourites, all while supporting the cause of your choice.” –

When you shop at BeautyKind 5% of your purchase price goes to the charity of your choice. The company feels very much like a lifestyle brand, with an online community organised around a shared purpose; to do good. BeautyKind’s social media presence is organised around aspirational lifestyle imagery and is very positive and uplifting.


image courtesy of beautykind

>< opinion

Selling beauty products online could be a very dry affair; with pages and pages of product to scroll through with the main draw being convenience. BeautyKind avoids this cliché by wrapping its etail offering in the life-affirming message; “you can make a difference”. Social media gives the etailer the aspirational tone of a glossy magazine and presents it with purpose. It’s a powerful mix.

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