aircarbon plastic bags

2016 January 15

dell plastic bags made from air, not oil

Dell has set itself a target to source 100% of their packaging materials from sustainable sources and is collaborating with NewLight Technologies in the trialing of AirCarbon, an environmentally friendly plastic.

AirCarbon is a plastic made from the carbon already in the air.  This air is combined with methane-based greenhouse gas emissions to produce a plastic material that can match the performance of oil-based plastics and out compete on price. Because the process actually reduces carbon levels in the air, it is carbon-negative and completely sustainable.


>< opinion

Dell is to be applauded for its forward thinking attitude towards sustainability and let’s hope many others follow suit.  From a marketing point of view, what we particularly like about it is the way they have embraced their environmental quest and incorporated it into the very heart of their brand values. Brands that demonstrate a commitment to their brand promise in this way will certainly build trust and integrity with their consumers.


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