cross-border shopping

2016 January 15

china’s cross-border online shoppers to reach 35.6 million by 2018

Cross-border shopping is predicted to exceed $1 Trillion in 2016 (China Ministry of Commerce).  A recent study shows the Chinese leading the way when it comes to online shopping and an increasing share of that shopping is cross-border.  This form of commerce is the next big thing in retail and branding and is a natural evolution driven by technology and e-commerce. 


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Today’s shoppers are increasingly likely to shop on the move, from their mobile, accessing brands that appeal to them regardless of where they are based. 

Within this new business model, the pressures on the packaging industry will remain to design cost effective transit solutions and communicate brand values but at the same time be more aware of the global consumer’s needs concerning language, currency, ease of use and speed of delivery. 

As Creatives we need to consider how these shifting needs inform our design process.  Perhaps we should be considering standardizing packing formats across different markets? We need to think creatively to overcome logistics hurdles for companies wanting to benefit from this rapid growth market.

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