consumer trend: social enterprise

2018 February 07

there’s a growing band of businesses that put positive social change before profit

JUST is a diverse group of people from across the world of business, media and celebrity who have come together to drive social and environmental change. The group takes ordinary, everyday items and rethinks how they’re sourced, delivered and consumed. It aims to offer people affordable alternatives that make a positive social and environmental impact – providing solutions that are ‘better for everyone’.

“JUST water is responsibly sourced, produced and packaged for improved environmental and community impact.” – Just water

JUST water has a partnership with the city of Glen Falls, New York where the water is responsibly sourced and it pays a significant premium on top of the highest local municipal rate.

When a brand is so clearly positioned as responsible and ethical it’s crucial that the product packaging also reflects the brand values.

Bottled water has a bad press – glass is recyclable but it is heavy and energy-hungry to manufacture and transport and single-use plastic is polluting and wasteful as much of it remains uncollected. The solution JUST hit upon was a combination of FSC certified renewable paper and bio-plastic to produce a neat looking carton which has been independently verified as producing 74% fewer carbon emissions than a medium weight plastic water bottle.


image courtesy of just water

In the US, boxed water is a rapidly growing sector as consumers look to more sustainable options to reflect their growing interest in leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

In the US, sales of boxed water doubled over 2016 & 2017 to $4.5 Million -  Nielsen Consumer Insights 

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Sales of boxed water will continue to grow as pressure from consumers encourages manufacturers and distributors to look for more sustainable, less harmful solutions. Are recyclable boxes made from renewable sources the answer? The manufacturing costs are certainly higher but the uplift in brand perception could be a worthwhile trade-off, especially if you’re hoping to appeal to purpose-driven Millennials.


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