consumer trend: male grooming

2018 January 31

men are seeking new premium, organic products that bring a sense of ritual to their daily grooming

Crafted for men, naturally effective and made in England - Scrubd is a new male grooming product range targeted at men aged 35-54. It comprises organic soap in four fragrances as well as a limited skincare range. The brand is responding to changing attitudes to male grooming as men take more pride in their appearance and look to grooming as a ritual and uses all natural ingredients and traditional artisan manufacturing techniques.

“We’re passionate about crafting effective, all-natural grooming products specifically for the demands of men’s skin” –


image courtesy of Scrubd

The brand identity for Scrubd has been designed by BrandOpus and reflects a bold, stylish masculinity using the brand’s signature black and white whilst a secondary colour palette uses hints of yellow, orange and blue as accent colours for different products within the range. The typography is evocative of the understated glamour of the Art Deco era and the logo has been embossed onto textured paper packaging. The brand is being positioned very much as a lifestyle brand – the Scrubd Journal offers a monthly digest of all that’s relevant to the Scrubd man from holiday reviews to inspirational interviews with craftsmen.

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It is thought that 25% of European males would be willing to increase the number of products they use in their grooming routine to improve their appearance (GlobalData, 2016). Brands like Scrubd are tapping into the real desire of men to look and feel good and to own and use products that are made from the best ingredients to enhance their daily routine. By crafting premium products that are beautifully branded and packaged and by offering consumers an Instagram-friendly story, Scrubd is talking directly to this target audience and offering real value to their lives. 


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