consumer trend: co-creation

2018 March 14

technology is allowing brands to engage with consumers in new more meaningful ways

Bulbshare is an agency that links brands and consumers through a mobile software platform. It allows brands to develop a direct line to a targeted group of consumers to gain insights around price, value-perception and shopping decisions. Through its mobile app, Bulbshare brings brands and consumers together to co-create products, campaigns and pricing strategies that promise to resonate more strongly with their consumers.

“Build targeted audience communities and engage them in the conversations that matter for your brand or organization.”Bulbshare


image courtesy of bulbshare

The ability to ‘talk’ directly with targeted consumers and invite collaboration and feedback in real-time will appeal greatly to brands spending huge amounts of money developing products and campaigns.  Instant access to your target audience is a powerful tool and the Bulbshare dashboard allows brands to quickly identify influencers, to analyse their consumers by their responses and segment them across any number of interests, regions or demographics.


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Social media has made us all content creators and the world today is constantly changing so brands need new ways of connecting with their consumers to stay in touch with the rapid shifts in perception and taste.  Co-creation mobile platforms offer brands and consumers the chance to exchange ideas and content in a way that seems honest and open and an antidote to the murky world of ‘influencer’ marketing. 


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