compostable packaging

2017 July 18

is compostable food packaging a game-changer?

Tipa has developed a range of bio-based, fully compostable flexible food packaging that looks and behaves like plastic. Offering a wide range of flexible packaging including pouches and films, Tipa's packs breakdown completely in 6 months of home composting. With consumers clamouring for more sustainable options and brands and retailers striving to reduce their environmental impact, sustainable packaging solutions are on the rise. The complex demands on food packaging means that any sustainable alternative to plastic must perform to the same high standards but Tipa's packaging meets the food contact regulation requirements in Europe and USA.

"Consumers enjoy the same level of packaging functionality. Manufacturers get bio-plastics that meet all their manufacturing requirements and that are adaptable to their current packaging and production practices, and we all benefit from a cleaner environment." - TIPA CEO, Daphna Nissenbaum


image courtesy of tipa

>< opinion

Tipa's sustainable packaging solution is exciting as it marries consumer expectations with manufacturing demands. It's acceptable to consumers, retailers and brands and offers the industry a packaging solution that is easily compostable without any performance loss. A couple of niche sustainable brands have already switched to Tipa's compostable packaging, including SNACT, which rescues waste fruit and veg and turns it into snacks. But maybe it's time the big brands took note..?


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