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2016 December 07

mondelez Int. displays an increased commitment to transparency within its cocoa supply chains

The Cocoa Life programme, which was introduced in 2012, aims to promote sustainability among Mondelēz International's regional supply chain in Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, India and Brazil. The Cocoa Life programme will see Mondelez invest $400m over the next 10 years to fund sustainable cocoa production across the globe.

More than 76,500 smallholder farmers in 795 communities saw a significant increase in their income and cocoa yield through Mondelez's Cocoa Life programme and currently 21% of its cocoa is sourced sustainably. Ultimately the company aims to sustainably source 100% of its cocoa.

"Our commitment goes beyond generating a sustainable cocoa supply for years to come. It's deeply rooted in a desire to help cocoa farmers and their communities thrive. We are providing communities the tools they need to create inspiring places to live and work." - César Melo, Mondelez International Global Chocolate President


photo courtesy of mondelez international

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An holistic approach to sustainability and social and ethical policy enables producers to link cocoa farming with community development. This approach goes beyond words and targets reaching out to the suppliers upon whom the producers rely, building trust and creating meaningful mutual benefit. Consumers want brands to behave this way and are interested in the stories they have to tell; in recognition of this Côte d'Or and Marabou brands are now displaying the Cocoa Life logo on their packaging.


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