coca-cola ‘one brand’

2016 August 17

coca-cola looks to its glorious heritage to inform ‘one brand’ redesign

For the first time ever, Coca-Cola has a shared visual identity across all media and Trademark products. Heralded by the Global 'Taste the Feeling' TV, print and outdoor ads, the new packaging designs are rolling out across all markets.

The new packaging aims to unite the Coca-Cola brands using the iconic red disc as hero. This red disc represents almost a century of marketing investment and is instantly recognizable. The redesign simplifies and unites the brand family and lends greater impact on shelf but Coca-Cola is keen to emphasise that this new look is not a one size fits all, rather a common language that can be translated across all formats and territories.


coca-cola ‘one brand’ (courtesy of coca-cola)

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In today’s global market, successful brands are proving over and over again that simplicity wins over complexity.  Coca-Cola has recognized that communicating clear, consistent values is important for their continued growth and this redesign brings together their strong heritage in a powerful but distilled design, replacing the myriad of different designs and colourways with the potent Coca-Cola red.

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