2017 March 13

by understanding what affects our music tastes, spotify aims to give us more of what we want

Spotify and AccuWeather have teamed up to produce weather specific playlists in response to the weather patterns in different areas. 85 million streams were correlated with the weather data across five variables - sun, cloud, rain, wind and snow revealing that the weather does indeed effect our music preferences. Bright sunny weather puts us in the mood for light hearted, happy music whilst maybe unsurprisingly bad weather can make us blue opting for sadder, down-beat music. Listeners can now play an adaptive playlist that matches their mood based on the weather in their specific area by linking playlists to real time weather forecasts!


photo courtesy of spotify

>< opinion

The ability to collect and monitor data in real time is giving marketeers an opportunity to adapt services to their consumers' every whim. This wholesale customisation can now be based not only on consumer behaviour but also on data collected through a host of digital devices and wearables.
Brands and retailers should be looking for ways their products and services can be tailored or personalised instantly. Many more unlikely partnerships will emerge as business look to share and cross-fertilise data for mutual benefit to cater for consumers' every whim.

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