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2016 September 21

disney backs carbon credits scheme with the largest purchase ever in cambodia

In July 2016 The Walt Disney Company purchased $2.6 million in carbon credits in the forests of Mondulkuri province in Cambodia. The largest carbon credit sale to date in Cambodia.

"At Disney, we are committed to using resources wisely and protecting the planet as we operate and grow our business. We conserve nature and inspire kids and families to join us in caring for our planet." Source: The Walt Disney Company.

Disney is committed to investing in forests around the world because of the benefits they provide, from carbon reduction to providing critical habitats for wildlife. This sale demonstrates how carbon financing can provide a sustainable funding source for the conservation of species-rich tropical forest and directly contribute to the livelihoods of people living in local communities.

"In 2015, we have successfully reduced our net emissions by 34%. By 2020, we aim to reduce net emissions by 50%." Source: The Walt Disney Company


source: espn corporate citizenship

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Consumers expect big businesses to act in accordance with their brand values. By investing in carbon off-setting schemes, Disney is showing the world that it understands it's responsibilities and can be trusted. "If we don't act in accordance with the stories we tell, the experiences we offer, and the images we project, we lose our authenticity. You can't entertain a family on the one hand and then totally disregard the world and circumstances in which they live. Acting responsibly is core to our brand." - Jay Rasulo, CFO, The Walt Disney Company.

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