buyable pins

2016 February 18

buyable pins on pinterest

Since 2015, Pinterest in the US has offered merchants the facility to include buyable pins which form a click through to purchase via Apple Pay or card without leaving the Pinterest site. There are already 60 million shopable pins and the number is growing rapidly. Research from Millward Brown found that 93% of Pinners already use Pinterest to plan purchases and it is undeniably a source of inspiration for millions, but will they see it as a purchasing platform?  


buyable pin (courtesy of pinterest)

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It has long been recognized that there is a disconnect between brand and shopper on e-tail platforms due to a lack of facility to physically engage. Could Pinterest be about to bridge this gap?

The beauty of this platform lies in the subtlety of its delivery and the promise implicit in its gorgeous lifestyle imagery.  It whispers ‘you too can live this wonderful life’!  Quite unlike the bland e-tailer websites on offer, Pinterest offers brands a vehicle to engage with consumers through the dreamy world of ‘what ifs’ and ‘wishful thinking’.   


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