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2016 January 26

mcdonald’s new invention for bikers

As part of its drive to appeal to the new generation of cool, health aware ‘hipster’ millennials, McDonalds has experimented with a bike-friendly packaging format. For one day only, a McDonald’s in Copenhagen was rebranded McBike and cyclists were encouraged to cycle-thru! Bike bells replaced the buzzer and the food was served in a recyclable cardboard container designed to hang on your handlebars.  Inside this neat package are snug little compartments for a drink, burger and fries that simply unfolds to offer up its contents. 


McBike packaging from McDonalds

The packaging was created by Argentine design agency, Tribal as part of a marketing campaign trialed in Copenhagen and Medellin. There are plans to roll out to other bike-friendly cities such as Amsterdam and Tokyo.

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Whilst retaining their core offering of convenience at the heart of this campaign, McDonalds has identified growth sectors that tap into the health conscious millennials market.  Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in cycling coupled with on-the-go consumers expecting more convenience.  McBike becomes instantly more relevant to these consumers and this clever ‘take away’ packaging delivers on the brand promise.

All brands that ‘touch’ the consumer should strive to say something that resonates with their target audience. Packaging design should embody the brand promise and as consumer behaviour evolves, and new segments emerge, it’s important to identify new opportunities to reveal your brand’s DNA and at the same time extend your brand’s appeal.

Source YouTube | imlovinit24

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