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2016 June 28

it wasn’t a brand extension anyone predicted!

However, Carlsberg’s Beer Beauty range proved a success and has been extended beyond the launch products of last year.  It now includes shaving gel, aftershave cream and moustache cream - all of which contain actual beer.

Carlsberg laboratories teamed up with cosmetics manufacturer, Urtegaarden to create a series of male grooming products in 2015.  The B vitamins and Silicium found in yeast, hops and barley are understood to be good for your skin and hair so the move is more logical than first appears. 

Carlsberg maintain their witty voice throughout their communications (as demonstrated on you tube above).

All proceeds from sales of the new shaving range ‘Beer’d Beauty’ will go to support the global men’s health movement, Movember demonstrating how successful this brand extension is proving in terms of opening up a whole new avenue of positive brand associations and opportunities.


carlsberg support movember (courtesy of carlsberg)

>< opinion

Male grooming is a booming market and one very much in tune with younger consumers so Carlsberg’s foray into beauty offers the brewer the opportunity to talk to new consumers in lots of novel and unexpected ways.  It isn’t all new though, Carlsberg is hanging on to its renowned slightly cheeky positioning as ‘probably the best’ by translating this through the design and communications of the beauty range.


source carlsberg

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