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2016 October 26

l’oréal uses beauty bloggers to drive digital content

L'Oréal Paris has teamed up with 5 of the UK's most influential and inspiring beauty YouTuber fanatics to create 'always-on' content for the mega brand across its cosmetics, skin and hair categories.

The brand's self-proclaimed 'beauty squad' has a combined reach of 5.5 million across social media and will be revealing the brand's latest products, creating "fun and engaging" content and attending key beauty events.

We are entering a new media era where consumers are increasingly looking to social media for their beauty tips and hacks, especially the emerging generations that have grown up with mobile technology. L'Oréal has recognized this and wants to be the go-to brand on line. By using bloggers, L'Oréal hopes to shift the beauty conversation away from untouchable superstars and to something more genuine and collaborative.


source: l’oréal paris

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A genuine and collaborative relationship with consumers is a good ambition and social media offers brands the perfect, chatty platform. This relationship can be further enhanced via packaging using the right design and information to draw the consumer into the conversation and keep them engaged with the brand.

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