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2016 November 02

bellroy and barney’s of new york offer consumers a unique unwrapping experience

Luxury Australian wallet maker Bellroy has teamed up with prestigious retailer Barney's of New York to launch an exclusive range of wallets in what they are billing as 'considered meets classic'.

Bellroy is known for crafting exceptional quality wallets that use premium materials with the aim to exude simple, irrefutable style. The new collection includes 5 wallets, each being crafted from tactile materials, and sees exclusive colorways like bold ocean blue and rich plum to add to the more classic tan and black. Premium vegetable tanned leather has been used alongside hand-painted edges and embossed silver foil on the outside and nubuck and suede interiors.

Such attention to detail doesn't stop with the product, Bellroy is keen to extend the brand story by treating consumers to an elaborate unwrapping experience. Designers looked at Bellroy's already iconic envelope-styled wallet packaging and dressed it in a suite of monochromatic luxe finished materials and fine trimmings.

"At Bellroy, we're big believers in the unwrapping experience. It marks the final stage before our customers get to feel the joy of their Bellroy in hand, and that unboxing must do that moment justice." - Jimmy Gleeson, Creative Director, Bellroy


photo courtesy of bellroy

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When a brand’s perceived value is caught up so intrinsically in the quality and craftsmanship of their products it is essential these values are part of the whole shopping and buying experience.  By creating an elaborate, luxurious unwrapping treat for consumers, Bellroy is adding value to the whole experience and delighting consumers.  A welcome by-product of this is when delighted consumers share their pleasure in the packaging on social media. 

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