anti energy

2017 June 27

this anti-energy drink invites consumers to slow down and take a breath

In a world where we are permanently connected, hyper alert to opportunity and operating 24-7 it's easy to see the appeal of energy giving products but anti-energy is a packaging concept that in contrast invites you to relax and take it easy. Is this reflective of brands and retailers reacting to consumer demand for a return to a simpler life? Slow energy offers consumers a chance to be mindful and quiet – an antidote to our hectic modern lives. The beautiful hourglass shaped packaging is reflective of passing time as well as invitingly tactile. It twists into two separate bottles designed to dispense slowly.

The time spent decanting the drink is your thinking time. No instant hit or immediate gratification – this is the anti-energy drink.

"The Slow brand concept is closer to critical design, which sees it as a medium for provoking thought and sparking a discussion focused on important topics related to modern times." - Aleksandra Wiśniewska, Opus B


image courtesy of opus

>< opinion

Can packaging be a medium for physically slowing consumption? For making us more mindful of how, why and even where we consume? Does this functionality add value to the product and the consumer experience? If your brand sets out to challenge a ritual of consumption as in this case, then your packaging is integral to that very experience


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