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2016 January 21

amazon prime & argos offers same day delivery

In the run up to Christmas 2015 a new battleground for retailers opened up - same day delivery services.  Amazon Prime and Argos are now offering customers same day delivery options and others will be forced to join them to avoid disappointing consumers who have come to expect a hyper-convenient service delivering instant gratification.

 Argos joins a growing list of retailers offering fast home delivery - Amazon Prime subscribers living in parts of London and Birmingham can order via a mobile app and take delivery of their goods in an hour!  



Argos fast track delivery

Some retailers have seen the demand and tried to service it through their collect in store schemes but the challenges to their infrastructure have made it problematic and expensive. Argos is ahead of the game because it is already structured with large warehouses feeding stock into hub stores and then local stores.   They have now recruited over 2,000 drivers to make the deliveries onto the home.

>< Opinion

In this business model many products are going to be increasingly seen and handled almost exclusively by staff, therefore the online interface – especially the mobile interface – must really become the shop window, offering consumers the opportunity to view, compare and purchase.  It is worth revisiting the customer journey from an omnichannel perspective to make sure the information is relevant and the packaging extends the brand experience when the purchase arrives safely.

Source BBC

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