adidas athletics

2016 December 28

introducing adidas athletics – blending style & performance

Adidas has launched Adidas Athletics as part of a strategy to unify its merchandise under a strong brand rooted in style as well as performance. During several years of research, Adidas spoke to hundreds of athletes about what they needed from their performance gear and the feedback informed their designs.

Athletes wanted to be able to get 'in the zone' and Adidas Athletics' core value lies in 'focus' with each piece catering to the athlete wearing it, with performance and style in mind. Designs are mostly kept minimal while advanced fabrics and features highlight functionality that's vital to each and every player for each and every sport.

The central piece in the Adidas Athletics launch was the Zero Negative Energy (ZNE) hoodie, endorsed by a raft of International sportspeople, which features materials and design features to cocoon athletes from external distractions allowing them to focus on their training.

Drawing on the #findfocus theme, the packaging uses pyramid foam panels more commonly associated with sound-proofing to create an unusual tactile solution. The premium packaging caused great excitement on social media and helped Adidas tell their story far and wide.


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Adidas Athletics recognizes that packaging is such an integral part of the brand story that when its design is thoughtful and on message it can have a hugely positive impact on consumers. In an age when consumers want to be delighted by brands and experience is everything, an exciting 'opening-experience' can build brand loyalty and will quickly spread viral content on social media.


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