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2016 April 25

mcdonald’s centrally purchased packaging in europe is now sustainable sourced

McDonald’s says this sustainable packaging achievement applies to packaging bought centrally for 38 European countries including the UK, although it doesn’t apply to some locally sourced items. According to Supply Management, McDonald’s uses 170,000 tonnes of wood fibre annually in it’s packaging across Europe; 90 percent of this packaging comes from renewable sources.

In their own words, “McDonald’s priority is to optimize the amount of packaging we use, and to use only sustainably sourced materials that are recyclable or compostable. In collaboration with our suppliers, we pursue these priorities in three critical areas:

  1. Design - Optimize weight and simplify the number of materials used in our packaging
  2. Sourcing - Increase use of recycled or certified raw materials
  3. Recovery - Work to use recoverable packaging with viable end-of-life options.”



McDonald’s 2016 Packaging re-design (courtesy of McDonald’s)

>< opinion

The consumer landscape is changing so rapidly that it is hard for businesses to keep up.  Whilst most brands and retailers now have a sustainability policy, they don’t always communicate it very well to the very people who want to know about it – their consumers.  Changing perceptions is a real challenge and businesses should look at every customer touch-point as an opportunity to communicate their sustainability values. 

McDonald’s revamped packaging design does this using brown bags manufactured from recycled materials to off set their bright graphics which act like a mini billboard ad when consumers are on the move.

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